Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dad's the world :)

Walking down the memory lanes feels as bright and sunny as the early morning sun shine during winters! The warmth of cuddle and the brightness of love! Silent as ever.

*My Child, My Pride*
Let me help you walk down to your first ever breath, where you were first lying lapped up close to your mother’s warm bosoms. You find a man by mom’s side, looking at you joyfully; whose tears taking a route different from that of mummy’s. Look at him carefully. You can see him choking due to the force of warmth and then soon recovering from that feeling. The man, who then on, went on silently doing his duties through out. Whose role has only been to be strict on face, demanding in stature. The sculptor who saw YOU in the rock and chiseled you out :)

Safe on his shoulders
He has had fewer words to express his love. Least to self advocate! He has stood by you, providing all the background melodies that your life needed to turn musical. He even has faced your bitter side and at times even reacted to it. He has taken the onus of being unacceptable, because he has dared putting his foot down. Your mom always MANAGED it for you, but he, he has been way too stubborn! Loud about his anger, his love dripped out through his deeds, that he accepted to bring meaning to your life- often went unnoticed.

Humble and serving
In the man’s world, this man has always been understated. In highlighting the mothers who have nurtured the babies to become human beings, somewhere, we have turned a blind eye to the contributions made by Dads. If it was your mother who cried when you went to hostel to study, your father is the one who went out of his ways and managed the finances! You have probably never seen him crying for you, but if the pillows and bed spreads can be made to talk, you will know what exactly went on that same night when you were choking out of guilt feeling for your mummy!

Lap is the world
He probably at one stage wanted to buy a car or something else dearer to him, but had money enough  only to either fulfill his long cherished dream or to let you enroll in a premier institute. And, none knows where did he cremate the dreams to ensure good schooling for you.

While it was acceptable for your mom to cry out aloud seeing you in pain or unwell by plunging into a Sofa or sitting still with grief, your dad wasn’t allowed that liberty! He had to go to work and also had to ensure medication. Don’t ever believe that he did not feel like throwing himself onto that bed out of the uncertainty of your fate! But, he had to go ahead and face it!

The best for him
He probably got only Sundays to make up for his lost hours of sleep, but he rather took you to a park and helped you swing. You probably, unintentionally, several times, broke into those moments of silent companionship that your parents wanted, and did not even realize it! The evenings when he preferred explaining the maths sums to you cannot be even enumerated!

Yes, the account is endless. But, we are not used to reading anything which would compel us to contemplate. We quickly label it as ‘clich├ęd’ and go on. Because to live a guilt free life seems the easier way out.

Educating generations
However, only when you lose him to the time as his body withers away with age, or probably when you wear his shoes and live a vicarious life, you realize that your DAD is the only real SUPER HERO. He wears no fancy masks, can't fly, can’t always win over the villains and is not a go-getter, but is a survivor, a giver- the one who gives you wings as well as the sky, while chooses the ground and its reality as his life.

Father’s day, thus, is the time, not  only to express your love for your father. It’s the day on which you have to count the blessings that you have got from the ABOVE in form of this MAN:)