Thursday, March 17, 2011


You may love her, you may hate her, but you cannot ignore her existence and contributions to the society in all different ways. Yes, we are talking of the balancing energy of the universe called- Woman. The Chinese Vastu Shastra- Feng Shui mentions of the attainment of the highest peace, pleasure and bliss when both the energies of the universe- Yin and Yang are in accordance. Yin, the female energy, thus is an equal harmonizing factor.
Whether she confines herself to the thresholds of her house or moves out conquering the world around, it is her character that ultimately decides the character of the whole human race. A mother, a sister, a daughter, a wife, a lover, a friend, an employer or an employee- she can be all, and still be a WOMAN! The energy, that can blend different roles in one life, fulfilling her duties and nurturing her hobbies as well, she has her third eye placed in her heart. She looks at the world with an eye filled with tears and a heart full of compassion.

Every girl is a mother, right from the birth! Yes, have you ever observed those tiny hands playing with a doll? Making her drink, eat, sleep and then even scolding her! She weaves her own world by herself from a very young age. God has made her like that!

She is an eternal giver- the grace, sacrifice, love, compassion, warmth personified! Her only deep desire is to be loved. For all those, who believe I am talking about those diamond rings and expensive gifts, have only seen love as a commodity or a stock which travels through those Graphs in different bar fashions dipping down with a sigh and soaring high with an elation! ‘Love’ for women is a very different feeling:) And that demands a separate blog on the subject! 

The giving n loving goes on from her adolescence, youth, motherhood to the old age. Foolishly rebelling against parents for an infatuation and burning herself to protect the dignity of her inable parents are mutated versions to express the extent of sacrifice she can give for her ‘LOVE’. Fighting with the world to prove that her friend is correct, going out of her way for her siblings, lover, husband, parents, in laws- yet another way of proving her belonging. Her marriage leads her to sacrificing her personal choices for the choices of the family she ligates with. Changing for husband or changing him- both, equally difficult tasks ;)

However, it is during the motherhood, that she blooms to her best. I bet, while we see aberrations at all stages of womanhood, no one would have seen a mother snatching food from her kid’s mouth, or buying herself something before overloading their kid’s kitties! According to me, the essence of womanhood is expressed when a woman is a lover or a mother:) The love only becomes grand when she turns a GRAND mother!
Am I trying to portray her larger than life? No. By WOMAN, I mean that energy. Jealousy, competition, melancholy, dependence, suppressed aggression are their integral elements as well. Various scriptures talk about these in a woman and thus, we have a whole class of people negating out the contributions of this energy in societal and social development!
She cannot evade these feelings. However, she can learn to live and enjoy them healthily, eventually evolving to be more of a beautiful SOUL than a weaker GENDER! Societal mutations are offered to all of us in our lives. However, the response - fine tuning or burying the humane qualities is solely a personal choice! As I believe, it is ultimately an individual who picks the path he/she treads:)

Vanity is yet another integral aspect of woman. Moment she looks into the mirror, she travels the barriers of time lines experiencing a unique identity:) She has her own niche carved for herself, full of fantasies. The fantasies so real, that she can feed onto them during testing times and win over the situation.

Woman has a Man in her:)
Wo- Man! The tender, gentle, support seeking, agile, sensitive, a reservoir of tears, whenever time has tested her, by bringing her to an impenetrable thick wall, she metamorphoses into a stronger, tougher, support giver, sensible individual- qualities that are generally ascribed to Masculinity! Though the reverse is not very commonly seen!

In reality, all these comparisons are not possible. Why do we have two genders at all, if both are equal? Both are unique, essential and complement each other to bring in harmony and growth- be it material, social, societal or spiritual! It is not about talking of equality, it is about changing mindsets. Instead of legislating a stringent Domestic Violence Act, we need to focus more on educating society to respect each other’s individuality! Enforcement can lead to political, financial, mental and societal corruption. We need to get rid of Laws and get into a self discipline mode, I believe.

Not being a hardcore feminist, for me, International Women’s Day is not to mark the precedence of one gender over the other, but to rejoice the power of balance that both these energies bring to the world. Women equally contribute, but there is no equality with man necessary. I am waiting for the dawn when the world celebrates IWD as a symbol of respect towards the gender which is unique and complete, yet reaches the superlatives when in accordance with its male counterpart!


  1. simple but touched my heart mam.straight from the heart of a woman to the heart of other woman.i liked it :)

  2. Meticulous is the word. very nice

  3. Very Nice Gayatri, u have described all the aspects of Women, i would like to add one more that only women can be a Mother Teresa .... Hope u agree with me.Good luck:)

  4. what a way to put it in words... pics are lovely, conveying the thoughts and emotions and feelings...

  5. Lovely note... from a different perspective...
    The photos, although seen in your collection earlier brings in a new meaning to the note as well. I loved them even better!

    Keep them blowing!